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    Domestic Violence: A Case Study.

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    Discuss the issues of domestic violence and how best to respond to the following case:

    A male who seems tired and disoriented is found wandering along a side street. The officer brings the male to the police station in order to determine the best course of action. The male is informed that he is not under arrest, but that the officer is taking him to the department so that he can be more comfortable. On the way to the station and at the station, the male recounts being assaulted by his wife. He does state that he has hit her once or twice during their marriage, but has "only slapped her." He says that he has not had any recent altercations with her, but that earlier today, while he was in bed, she hit him over the head repeatedly with a hard object that he believes may have been a metal cooking pan. He says that he remembers very little between the time of this assault and the time he was picked up by the officer on the street.

    His story has some unusual aspects and seems to run counter to a number of trends observed in domestic violence. However, this does not necessarily mean that the events described by the man did not occur. What actions would you take as the officer in this case?

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    The officer has a couple of options before pursuing anything. First and foremost the officer needs to run the gentleman to see if he has a prior criminal record. If the officer runs his name and nothing comes up he can run the residence address to see if any complaints have been filed at the residence in question. Finally, I would ask for the spouse name and run her in the system. Often, law enforcement agencies have these policies in place for all officers when dealing with a perspective investigation in order to generate a starting point of reference.

    In addition to running this information I would ...

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    Domestic violence is one of the most controversial issues that law enforcement officers deal with on a daily basis. In this case study we review some different avenues of approach an officer might take after picking up a man on the street.

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