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Important reforms that shaped Domestic Violence Legislation

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What is an understanding of the ways that legislation shaped responses to domestic violence?
Discuss legislation that paved the way toward intolerance of domestic violence.
Discuss and display an understanding of how legislation meant to protect can harm individuals.
Discuss the Minneapolis experiment and its significance in changing police response to domestic violence.
Discuss legislation that did more harm than good for women and children.

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What is an understanding of the ways that legislation shaped responses to domestic violence?

Legislation that has criminalized domestic violence has shaped the response toward this crime over the past 40 years. The three major forms of legislation consisting of punishment and deterrence of batterers, batterer treatment, and restraining orders that are intended to protect victims through the threat of civil or criminal legal sanctions. These three forms of legislation have resulted in arrest and detain laws of batterers as well as mandated treatment programs that attempt to correct the behavior by addressing the roots. In addition, theoretically speaking, restraining orders are supposed to serve as a protective tool that prevents the batterer from engaging in violence because of the consequences associated with his or her actions.

Discuss legislation that paved the way ...

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This solution provides students with the important legislative changes that have shaped current Domestic violence legislation within the United States.

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