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Gun Control Legislation

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Evaluated the effectiveness of gun control legislation.
Analyzed and described the most effective strategy to reduce firearm violence.
Identified and explained regulations on certain types of firearms such as handguns and assault weapons.
Analyzed and justified whether private legal ownership of guns promotes violence or prevents crime.
Analyzed and justified whether there is a correlation between gun ownership and criminal activity.

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Evaluated the effectiveness of gun control legislation.

Gun control legislation is effective in countries where the legislation is nationwide. In countries such as Australia or other nations that do not have borders with a country with rampant gun accessibility, much legislation has been effective in culling the gun violence in countries such as Great Britain, Australia, and other countries like Japan with nonporous borders. The key to legislation is whether the state or country that is attempting legislation their industry has a state or country near their border with easy access to guns. In America, even if a state or country has excellent gun legislation such as Chicago or Mexico respectively, the fact that borders that are in direct access don't have gun legislation.

Criminals are able to obtain guns in ...

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The expert examines gun control legislation. The most effective strategy to reduce firearm violence is described.

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Many people think that a national lobby's successful fight against gun control legislation is reflecting the will of a minority of Americans. A previous random sample of 4000 citizens yielded 2250 who are in favor of gun control legislation. How many citizens would need to be sampled if a 90% confidence intervals was desired to estimate the true proportion to within 5%?
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