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    NRA and Resistance to Change (RTC)

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    Organization: National Rifle Association (NRA)
    Subject: Resistance to Change (RTC)
    Research the NRA and opine in the following areas on ideas, notes or personal experience:

    - 2nd Amendment policies that could impact RTC
    - 2nd Amendment impact on the public from a Change perspective

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    Step 1
    The Second Amendment policies that could impact RTC are Obama's Gun Control proposals. These proposals seek to restrict the purchase, possession, and carrying of arms. The National Rifle Association seeks to protect the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. The National Rifle Association strives to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The NRA strives to lobby against any legislation that imposes gun control. The NRA also teaches firearm competency and safety.

    if Obama's Gun Control proposals are accepted by the Congress then NRA will face a loss of status. This is a cause of resistance to change. Since, the NRA is in the forefront of resisting any legislation that imposes gun control; its members will feel defeated if Obama's Gun Control proposals are passed. There is also pressure from its members that NRA should intensify its lobbying activities. The current gun owners view with distrust ...

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