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Ethics and Politics

Politicians have an ethical responsibility to represent their constituents and the needs of those constituents. Politicians also have an ethical responsibility to uphold the law both in their personal and professional life. Politicians are often held to higher ethical standards than most because of the fact that they are public officials. Now to response more directly to the issue of cigarettes and gun control. Your right that there exists very powerful lobbying parties that represent both the cigarette companies and gun companies. The NRA is a powerful association that lobbies on behalf of the right to bear arms. Philip Morris is one of the biggest companies in the world that produces and lobbies on behalf of cigarettes. Campaign contributions contribute to the lack of ethical responsibility on behalf of the politicians. It's an unfortunate situation. Explain.

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Lately, campaign contributions have been the focus of much scrutiny. The McCain-Feingold Act is one such law that limits contributions and how they can be made. The reality of the matter is that politicians, who support ...

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