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    Aristotle: Friendship and Politics

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    Help me understand the relationship between friendship and politics for Aristotle.

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    The key to understanding the relationship between Friendship and Politics for Aristotle is to understand that Aristotle felt all politics is based on friendly relationships between citizens. Justice in politics is creating or reinstating a balance between people, creating them equal, so they can interact to find happiness, which is the ultimate goal of life for Aristotle. Happiness is a public affair that we share, and whom we share it with is a significant thing for Aristotle.

    Aristotle believes that we can not achieve happiness outside of the city state, as happiness comes from living among people. Happiness is not found then, in ...

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    The solution provides a discussion of Ancient greek Philosopher Aristotle's views on friendship and politics and how he differentiates/understands said concept according to his philosophy and the conditions of Athens as a city state at the time when the Philosopher lived.