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    Plato and Aristotle Jeopardy

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    Congratulations! You have just been selected to be a contestant on Socratic Jeopardy! Like the television game show, Socratic Jeopardy involves responding to an answer with a question, and there are different categories of "answers." Since you will appear on Socratic Jeopardy during "Education Week," all categories will focus on "Education in Ancient Greece."

    To help you prepare for your competition, you have been given two of the categories that you will see on your first day on the game show:

    Category 1: Aristotle or Plato? In this category you are to determine which of the two Greek scholars—Aristotle or Plato—each clue is referring to.

    Develop a list of 20 questions that have for an answer either Plato or Aristotle. The answer for 10 of these questions should be Plato; the remaining 10 should be Aristotle.

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    1. Believed in innate ideas
    2. Meno dialogue on relationship between knowledge and experience
    3. Particulars and universals
    4. Interest focus ...

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    Solution lists ten jeopardy style answers where the question is 'Who is Plato/Aristotle?'.