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Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle

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I need help. There was several questions that I had to do, but these questions gave me the hardest time. I can not understand how to answer them. Any help would be great.

Thank you in advance

Greek Philosophy discuss the following questions in detail, using information from your textbook and outside resources, as they relate to the Greek philosophers:
Compare and contrast the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle.
Identify the major works and summarize the main ideas of Plato and Aristotle.
What impact do you think these two men had on our society today, in terms of politics and education?

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This is a summary of Platonic and Aristotlean philosophy with resources available.

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Dear Student,

Plato was an idealist and Aristotle was a realist. Plato believed in Ideas, the archtypes of reality that precedes reality and are their essence. Aristotle is a realist believing in laws and substances. Plato's major works are the Republic, the Phaedo, the Symposium, and the Apology. Aristotle's works are the Poetics, Politics, Nichomachean Ethics and Metaphysics, and his books on Sciences.
Main ideas:Plato- Idealism-reality has archtypes or Ideas that reflect the common essence of reality. The Ultimate ...

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