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    Christianity's impact on philosophy

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    Resources: Ch.5 in Philosophy: The Power of Ideas (attached)
    Wtite a 350-700 word response describing Christianity's impact on philosophy. Include the following topics in your response:
    the rise of Christianity in philosophy
    key contributors to Christianity's impact on philosophy
    principle Christianized philosophical issues

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    One could actually argue that Christianity, or religion for that matter, is a philosophical concept. For that we may need to go back to the early Greek philosophers, known as the pre-Socratics. Their overriding concern was what remained permanent in the midst of all the observable changes in the world. Let us take Thales for instance. When he said that everything was water, according to Nietzsche (in his book Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks), this could be seen in different ways. One is that if he meant that the source of everything is water, then it puts him in the realm of religion; if he meant by it that everything contains water, it puts him in the real of science. But because he meant by it that everything is one, it makes him a philosopher.

    This issue could be approached with a similar tactic.

    1. Thales' water is nothing metaphysical but physical through and through. In other words, Thales did not go outside the realm of the observable universe to try to explain the universe as Christian philosophy, following ...

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    This post examines, from a historical point of view, the impact of philosophy on Christianity. Who are the philosophers whose philosophies were taken over by the Christian apologists and who are the modern and contemporary philosophers who are most influenced by the Christian ideas?