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Intelligence Presentation

Consider the following scenario: Since you are a successful college student, you have been asked by a former high school teacher to address his/her class on the topic of human intelligence.

? Create a presentation that consists of 7-10 slides and detailed speaker notes to addresses the following READ MORE »

Psychology / Developmental Psychology » 120519

Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis

1. Construct Development, Scale Creation, and Process Analysis
a. Part I: Construct Development and Scale Creation
1) Choose a construct you would like to measure.
2) Create an operational definition of your construct using at least three peer reviewed journal articles as sources as references. READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 285094

Comparison of Research methods

Compare and contrast two of the following five research methods in psychology described in your text or on the internet. These research methods include: Case study, Naturalistic observation, Correlation research, Survey research, and Experimental method. Include in your discussion the research techn READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 172473
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