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    Human Resources Management

    Human Resource Management (Known as HRM) is the management of human capital within an organization. HR Managers are responsible for the pay, training, and attraction of current and future employees. It is through the human resource management team that organizations and businesses are able to keep track of their most valuable resource: human capital.

    Human resource management is constantly changing. Globalization, technology, diversity, e-commerce, and ethics are all changing the way that HR managers organize human capital. Technology is becoming a hot topic for ethics issues; the advancement of social media has created a distraction for many workers. It is the job of the human resource management team to regulate the use of social media within company means. There is also an ever-changing demand for international HR management and domestic HR management. Both of these management strategies have their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges at the management and worker levels.

    Human resource management can also be explored using case studies. For example, car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz USA all the way to volunteer and not-for-profit sports associations all require efficient and innovative HR techniques in order to attract and retain the best human capital they can afford. HRM needs to motivate employees. Employees need to feel like they are part of something bigger than just a job. HR managers need to build empowerment among employees, create team cohesion, ensure assimilation of diversity, and follow employment laws to guarantee meaningful and safe employment.

    Human resource management spans a wide area, which often includes leadership skills, compensation strategies, and managing people and teams. It is important that HR managers are trained and certified in order to keep uniformity among organizations and to uphold the principles of law. As such, the study of HR management is comprehensive and incorporates several disciplines.

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    BrainMass Categories within Human Resources Management

    Compensation Strategies

    Solutions: 484

    Compensation strategies are the policies put in place by human resource management to retain, reward, and attract the best human capital.


    Managing Teams

    Solutions: 221

    Human capital is extremely important to organizations, and managing people and teams is the most important aspect of being an HR manager.

    Labour Management and Relations

    Solutions: 878

    Labor management and relations is the management of unionized and non-unionized employees, including labor law.

    Human Resource Outsourcing

    Solutions: 174

    Outsourcing is the movement of an operation from within an organization to a third-party outsider.

    Diversity in Human Resource Management

    Solutions: 283

    Diversity in human resource management ensures that workforces are well prepared and accepting of new employees and that a variety of opinions and ideas are present while making important decisions.


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    Please watch the video, "The Age of the Millenials", and answer the questions. 1. What specific strengths and challenges do members of the "Millenial Generation" (a.k.a, Generation Y) bring to the workplace? 2. How do HR managers need to adjust their policies and practices to address the needs of this generation? 3. In w

    Succession Planning and Mentorship

    1) Why succession planning is important for the organization. 2) How do you decide who would be a good fit for mentorship and key positions.

    Addressing Substandard Employee Performance

    How would you address the problem of a pleasant, likable employee whose normally marginal performance repeatedly becomes substandard a few weeks after corrective action is applied?

    Resume Fraud

    What are some strategies hiring managers can use to identify resume fraud?

    Performance Management Assessment

    Diagnose the performance management system of your current or former organization (name optional), or an organization with which you are familiar, to assess the system and determine if there are business need(s) for change to the system. Research and evaluate three or more options to enhance the effectiveness of the performance

    Staffing Organizations

    1. What are the limitations of disparate impact statistics as indicators of potential staffing discrimination. see attached

    Time Management: Change

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    Put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive who is being considered for termination in the Netflix case study. What objections or concerns might you express during the negotiation session if you were Alice Jones? Some examples could be: •Alice claims the action being taken is discriminatory and threatens to sue fo

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    Keep in mind the following critical elements: •Sharon Slade's and Alice Jones' ZOPA and BATNA positions developed in Milestone One and the individual Module Four discussion. •Areas where Netflix has flexibility: These areas may include: modifying the performance improvement plan, shifting Alice to another position, outplac

    Compensation Plan for International Personnel

    Due to the increased globalization of your business, management has asked you to design a compensation program for international personnel. Individuals will be coming to the United States and traveling from the United States to other countries. Write a paper describing in detail the most important elements of the compensation

    EEOC & Accountability

    Question I The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's stated mission is to stop and remedy unlawful employment discrimination. With a 2015 federal budget of over $365 million dollars, they will process over 88,000 cases against private and public sector firms. Since 2008, they have asked to significantly increase their budge

    Typical programs for Employee Assistance Programs and Coaching.

    Describe the typical activities included in employee counseling programs. Is there really a need for employee counseling? Why is it important to coach employees with performance problems as well as employees who are performing well? There are many sites available on the web that provide information regarding stress managem

    Evaluate the Role of Performance Measures

    Write an analysis of the essential components of job standards. Assess these components and analyze why job standards are difficult to incorporate into performance evaluations. Support your analysis based on current research incorporating three journal articles or publications into your response. Think about the importance of pe

    Analyze Issues of Internal and External Equity

    Write an article draft analyzing the concepts of internal and external equity and apply these concepts to an examination of pay versus benefits in organizations. Include in the analysis, a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages in designing compensation and benefit programs that focus on external market competitiveness o

    Assess Current Compensation Trends

    Make a presentation for preparing managers to evaluate the total compensation programs that are likely to be needed in the workplace over the next ten years. - Incorporate at least three journal articles or publications which may provide some insights into the future requirements for effective pay programs. - Address pay eq

    Human resource development - On-line training resources

    Please help with given a answer to each question. As a HRD professional what must you consider when determining to outsource for training and develop and deliver the training in house? Many organizations have been moving toward web training. An advantage is that employees can train at their leisure. That is, they can come

    Human Resources Training Methods

    1. Discuss the factors that can affect whether training transfers back to the job. Which factor, or two, do you feel is/are the most important to ensure transfer? Support your choices. 2. Describe the purpose and advantages of conducting a needs assessment. How does your organization determine training needs? 3. Do you a

    Intrinsic and Extrinsic compensation

    Write a paper describing in detail how differing organizations would use various blends of extrinsic and intrinsic compensation and benefits strategies to maximize organizational potential and meet the needs of their workforce. The document should examine organizations that effectively utilize extrinsic and intrinsic pay program

    Assess Major Compensation Issues

    Find recent journal articles and publications that provide current insights into each of these three perspectives: • What do you think are the most important strategic compensation issues in the modern workplace? • Why are these particular issues a challenge in today's workplace? • How have major compensation issues cha

    Mixed Method Research to Combine Mini Proposals

    What would be the strengths and challenges of using a mixed method design. Consider how the two mini proposals might be combined to form a mixed method study and what would be the benefits and / or loss if a mixed methods approach was utilized.

    Research: Wal-Mart

    Present a mini proposal on Walmart's Policy on Women's Pay that includes the following: 1. Statement of problem. Provide a clear justification with evidence on why this study is relevant to your field and worthy of doctoral-level study. Support your efforts using scholarly information published within the past 5 years to ensu

    Keys versus Humana, Inc.,

    Please locate a recent court case or lawsuit related to discrimination or unjust dismissal by a performance management system. Please include the following: • A brief description of the selected court case or lawsuit. • A discussion of the purpose of performance management. • An analysis the criteria and methods us

    Organizational pay and employment retirement plans

    3.1) Traditional job interviews have demonstrated low validity and reliability, and are a relatively expensive method of personnel selection. Recommend steps that organizations can take to avoid these pitfalls. 3.2) How should a company assess readiness for learning? (Be sure to include characteristics of both the employee a