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    Human Resources Management

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    Research a Human Resource Topic of your Interest

    Review and reflect on the major topic of Labor Relations that address the following aspects of human resource management: Answer the following questions: - Select a topic that is of personal interest, thoroughly research it to make judgments. - What do you recommend as an outcome to this topic or issue? - Assess why this

    Talent Management Strategy

    I need help answering the following questions. No copying and pasting from sites. No more than 500 words. Include references and text citations. Why was the workforce management initiative (WMI) needed? Why was it so important to establish a common language for talent, and what did it accomplish? How were the tangible ret

    Importance of Training in an Organization

    Conduct a phone or personal interview with a current or past manager. Ask this person to describe the role that training plays in the company and where he or she thinks the future of training is headed for the organization. Do you agree with the manager? Please justify your response. Use Microsoft Word to create your response. T

    Human Resource Management Essay

    Write a reflective essay that summarizes how Human Resource Management has changed and expanded the way of thinking in a professional and academic sense. Share the concepts and issues that were of greatest interest to you and why. How do you plan to apply this new knowledge in your life or profession? Support the document wi

    Human Resource Management Research

    Initiate a discussion of concepts, ideas, and regarding human resources professionals and their responsibilities in terms of being an integral part of an organization. The goal is to express your thoughts and ideas on the role that you feel the human resources manager has in the overall outlook of the organization. Conside

    Home Health Care: HRM

    What makes HR in home health care unique? Including the independence of personnel, the risk of individuals being in homes with personal belongings, and the ergonomic risks of home healthcare work! 2-3 pages w/references please!

    Collective Bargaining: Recent Issues

    The Human Resources professional has an even bigger responsibility in an organization with a collective bargaining unit or multiple collective bargaining units. Many times the human resources department has to act as the neutral third party that mediates the disputes between both sides. It is very important that both sides of th

    Benefits/Incentives Issues

    Flexible work schedules, available day care, and a safe working environment are just some of the nonwage benefits that can be offered to attract and retain quality employees. As such, monetary compensation is not the sole factor for retaining employees. Write a paper that compares and contrasts various forms of compensation,

    employee training and development

    Compare and contrast two learning theories. Which one do you believe is most effective? Why? When asked to compare and contrast we are looking for the learner to analyze the differences and/or similarities between two distinct subjects. ******Be sure to make those distinctions in your response. choose from reinforceme

    Current Issues in Human Resource Management

    Write a paper to assess current issues regarding the work environment and associated legal issues that have become notable in our community. Is there a business that was recently sued for discrimination or harassment? Is there an employer who has received positive recognition for endeavoring to create a diverse workplace? Suppor


    Describe either an interview that you have been on or conducted. Describe the questions asked, your answers or typical responses. Why would you ask those questions and why do you think you either responded the way you did or other people respond the way they do. There is no wrong answers just trying to get some more feed back. I

    Human Resources Report

    Begin Assembly of Human Resources Report to the Board of Directors Assemble the reports generated in Units 1-4 into a new, comprehensive report. This step should include aggregation of the following sections: Title Page Executive Summary [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 3] Table of Contents [Placeholder: this is c

    Pepsi HR Strategy

    Step 1: Assess the Company's Human Resources Competitive Position (PepsiCo) Leveraging the work completed in the Individual Assignments for Units 2 and 3, assess the company's human resources competitive position. Be sure to evaluate the company's position within the industry and among its comparator group. Step 2: Identif

    Cohen and Drucker on Social Responsibility

    Evaluate Cohen's (2009) article on social responsibility. Consider how his perspective aligns with those of classic management experts Drucker and Friedman. The task is to respond to the following prompts in a paper: • Define the concept of social responsibility. • What does Cohen feel is the social responsibility of a bu

    Merger integration plan

    You work for a company that has recently merged with an overseas company. I need assistance with writing a brief introduction to the company as well as the company that was purchased. Then develop an eight to ten (8-10) point checklist detailing what steps you would take as the HR manager to help unify the culture of both compan

    HR Issues and Challenges Related to Technology - Telework

    Based on the 3 journal articles attached, please provide a 3 page summary of the benefits, challenges, and implication of teleworking. Should be 12 point font, double spaced, with 1" margins all around. Please cite properly with APA format, with references on the 4th page.

    Job Interview Questions and Recruitment Strategy

    1. What were the most significant questions asked of you in previous job interviews? 2. What do you think the interviewer was looking for in asking these questions? 3. What are the most important questions you have asked or would ask when interviewing candidates? What do these questions reveal about job candidates?

    affirmative action plans

    I am trying to understand affirmative action plans and i am asking that you provide textbook definitions/creditable research along with personal experiences/real life application of it to help me better understand the topic. many people say that its not fair or they feel like under qualified people get hired because of it, so I

    International Company

    Select an international company in a field you are familiar with and determine two (2) key areas (i.e., staffing, training, employee and labor relations, compensation, benefits) where HR will have additional issues and challenges to deal with than in strictly U.S.-based companies. Next, suggest at least two (2) recommendations f

    Stress and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Describe a challenging workplace situation that you have encountered in the past or are anticipating in the future. Assess your level of stress before, during, and after the situation. Next, create a stress management plan that includes three (3) of the following components: time management, relaxation, nutrition, exercise, posi

    Compensation for Organizations in Same Industries

    Select two (2) different organizations within the same industry. Research employee compensation for comparable positions within these organizations. Determine whether the compensation is similar between the organizations or there is a significant gap. Explain your findings, and suggest a rationale for any differences you find.

    Hong Kong protests over low wages

    Review the video below titled "Hong Kong protests over low wages" (2 min 6 s). Click here to access the video if it is not playing correctly below. Next, explain the purpose of two (2) key laws governing U.S. employment; then, determine how Hong Kong's government could use the same two (2) laws to help these struggling low-incom

    Active Constructive Responding - communication response

    Review the video below titled "Active Constructive Responding" (5 min 34 s). Click here to access the video if it is not playing correctly below. Next, describe a scenario within your organization or an organization you are familiar with that was similar to the scenario shown in the video. Describe which of the four (4) communic

    Performance Evaluations for Virtual Environment

    Suggest at least three (3) creative methods to check in with your employees throughout the year, other than the regular annual performance evaluation, within a virtual environment. Explain your methods. Determine two (2) challenges managers may encounter when evaluating a virtual employee's performance; then, suggest a plan

    PWC Interview

    The Interview with PWC (please help me with the answers, it doesn't have to be long). 1. Why you want to work in Shanghai, China? (Please specified it will be a next hub of finance industry and becoming big country as US) 2. The differences between PWC and other three big four firms 3. What kind of leadership experience

    Social media provides an organization with a new competitive

    •Take a position as to whether using social media provides an organization with a new competitive advantage or whether traditional methods such as job postings on the company website are still better for recruiting quality job candidates. Justify your position. •Determine if companies should ask for consent from potential a

    Interview Questions and Answers

    PricewaterhouseCoopers China(PWC)-Associate 1.Tell us about PWC? 2. Why you want to work in Shanghai, China? 3.Tell us about Associate Position. 4.Tell us about your strength and weakness.(any answer would be ok based on accounting field) 5.What is your current position-Unemployed, please explain why I want to join pwc.

    Employee Training: Legal Issues and Cultural Dimension

    Question 1 Discuss the legal issues that an HR professional should be aware of when designing training. Discuss the cultural dimensions that must be considered as well. Your essay should be at least 500 words in length and include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You are required to use at least your textbook as

    Employee Engagement in Organizations

    1-Employee Engagement d-Think about your current (if you are not currently working - you last job). What does the organization do to engage workers? If the CEO came to you and asked you to develop a plan to engage workers, what would you suggest? Support your answers with material from this week's material. 2-When Marissa M