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    Home Health Care: HRM

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    What makes HR in home health care unique?
    Including the independence of personnel, the risk of individuals being in homes with personal belongings, and the ergonomic risks of home healthcare work!

    2-3 pages w/references please!

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    There are several factors that make HR in home health care unique. Home health care is provided at the home of the patient. This makes the job difficult to directly monitor. Check in cards at workplace is not possible, direct supervision by a senior is difficult, and even if there are errors in performance of home health care, these are not immediately detected. Corrective action is difficult (a).
    From the perspective of HR the job description of home health care jobs is daunting. The description includes providing healthcare at someone's residence, assisting people in hospices, and day programs, and visiting the same home at pre-determined intervals. The person providing home health care must work under the direct supervision of a nurse, keep records of services performed, and record the client's condition & progress. Personnel are required to check the pulse rate, temperature, and respiration rate. These are activities that are difficult to monitor or assess. The person providing home health care is often required to perform exercises, administer medications, change ...

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