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    Veteran's Memorial Hospital

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    Veteran's Memorial Hospital

    Design an organizational structure:
    1. Structure (Simple, Bureaucracy, etc.)
    2. Number of Employees
    3. Work Specialization
    4. Departmentalization
    5. Chain of Command
    6. Span of Control
    7. Centralization and Decentralization
    8. Formalization
    9. Summary

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    Veteran's Memorial Hospital

    Design an organizational structure:
    1. Structure (Simple, Bureaucracy, etc.)
    The structure of Veteran's Memorial Hospital will be a divisional structure:
    The hospital division will be divided into different divisions that will have autonomy in setting up the procedures for treatment, timing, facility up gradation and costing. Each division will be responsible for the quality of treatment provided, the number of patients attended and the feedback from the patients.
    It is expected that there will be nine departments namely maternity services, physical therapy services, occupational therapy services, surgical services, diabetic education, radiology services, home health, emergency services and massage therapy.
    2. Number of Employees:
    The number of employees will be:
    Maternity services: 7 employees.
    Physical therapy services: 4 employees.
    Occupational therapy services: 7 employees.
    Surgical services 10 employees.
    Diabetic education: 3 employees.
    Radiology services, 4 employees.
    Home health: 5 employees.
    Emergency services: 14 employees.
    Massage therapy: 3 employees.
    Other employees: 15.

    3. Work Specialization:
    Maternity services,
    There will be three gynecologist/obstetrics doctors. Four nurses that will also work as midwives;
    Physical therapy services:
    Two physical therapy ...

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