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    Question about Memorial Hermann Hospital

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    Address the following topics in your analysis:

    a. Prices

    b. Technology

    c. Productivity (consider the law of diminishing marginal productivity)

    d. Cost structure
    1) Wages and benefits
    2) Fixed and variable costs

    e. Price elasticity of demand

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    //Analysis of current market structure is always beneficial for successful establishment of the business. The analysis of current market conditions comprises of the factors like:

    Price, Technology, Productivity, Cost structure and Price elasticity of demand. All these are explained below, in context to the Memorial Hermann Hospital: //

    Memorial Hermann Hospital


    In 1990, the Memorial Hermann Hospital was created when the two separate hospitals, the Memorial and the Hermann Hospital Systems were joined together. In the early 1900s, Rev. Denis Pevoto started the Memorial Hospital and the Hermann Hospital was founded by George H. Hermann in downtown Houston. In 1997 when the merger of the Memorial and the Hermann was completed then the name the Memorial Hermann Hospital was used. This healthcare system is the largest non profit organization in the nation.

    Marketing Condition of the Memorial Hermann Hospital:

    The Memorial Hermann Hospital is a non- profit organization, which provides the best quality of services to the patients to improve their health and ensure their fast recovery. Working strategy of this community is based on the best quality services not earn profit. The goals of this organization are to accommodate superior quality of heath care system and excellent customer care service on the very reasonable price. (Memorial Hermann, The woodlands, 2007)

    In August 9, 2007, the Memorial Hermann was rewarded as the nation's top 100 leaders in the performance improvement. As there is a development of technology in the competitive environment, the performance level of the ...

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