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Health and Human Services Organizations

Imagine that you will be attending a career fair consisting of health and human services organizations from the following professions:

- Generalist Human Services Work
- Physical Therapy
- Creative Arts Therapy
- Occupational Therapy
- Clinical Psychology
- Counseling
- Social Work
- Psychiatry

Choose a company or organization in the fields or professions listed above that you would consider working for to begin your health or human services career. Before you attend the career fair, you decide to put together a brief synopsis of the characteristics and skills you would bring to their organization, should they decide to hire you. Because you have just started your associates program, you do not have much experience in the field, but you believe that you possess some of the characteristics needed for an entry-level position in your chosen career.

Write a synopsis, that outlines the characteristics and skills you possess.

Explain how you would apply these characteristics and skills to a specific position within their organization. Be sure to also provide the Web site location of the company or organization's list of job qualifications

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//Before discussing about the skills and characteristics, I will first of all, find out the strength and weakness, in order to key out where I can perform better. We should know about significant skills and trends for performing in a Health care system. So, firstly we will throw light upon the various skills and characteristics \

Health and human services organizations

Skills and Characteristics

Before attending the career fair, I will first outline my strengths and weaknesses. This will help me to know the areas where I am good. According to me, the skills and the trends needed to work in the Health Care system are: responsibility & accountability, time management, knowledge, proper communication, commitment and determination. It can be precisely said:

Ø I am a very responsible person

Ø I have the ability to properly manage my work as well as time.

Ø I have full knowledge about the medical science as well the medicine.

Ø I have the ability to communicate properly with the people.

Ø I am a very committed and determined person.

Ø I am a very polite and well-mannered person.

Ø I have the ability to take any initiative in any situation or problem,

Ø I have the skills to make proper judgement at the time of a problem.

Ø I have the skills to develop a clear vision among the people as well as patients for moving forward. I can also encourage individuals to be proactive and take responsibility, assist them to make vital decisions and explore innovative ways to achieve a successful work-life blend (Windmills for the Health Sector, 2008).

Ø Along with this, I have a caring nature, patience and the ability of quick decision making.

I think that these features and skills will help me to be selected. As I have just started my internship and don't have the proper experience, the company should concentrate on the strengths. I also believe that these skills and characteristics would help me ...

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