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Healthcare Research Agencies

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Identify and describe an area of education and research to include the functional services, key personnel, and how the department/unit supports or is supported by other departments.

Identify and describe two trends impacting education and research.

Analyze and evaluate the two trends impacting education and research.

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An important area of education and research would be the education and research that is conducted on cancer by government organizations, and leading universities around the globe. This area of education and research is conducted by different types of organizations such as the United States Department of Health and Human Services, as well as the Duke University Cancer research unit for example. For the description of an area of education and research I will utilize the United States department of health and human services research component, in order to provide guidance for this posting. The functional services of this type of research within this department include ground-breaking experimentation on animals, as well as safely regulated experimentation on human beings, in order to help ascertain the probable causes of different types of cancers, as ...

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This solution describes important organizations in healthcare research.