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    Human Cloning

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    200-300 words to the following questions: Describe an emerging issue or controversy in the field of health care or human services. Possible topics include cloning, stem-cell research, patient privacy, and privatization. What ethical dilemmas does this issue pose? As a leader in a health care or human service organization, how would you respond to this issue?

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    Ethical Issues in Human Cloning
    Some of this issues related to human cloning are whether or not cloning is "playing God", and if so, how does this relate to other reproductive procedures? Is it the same as in-vitro fertilization? If an embryo is cloned, does it have the same rights as a naturally born human being? Many argue that cloning is not justifiable as it usually ...

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    This solution discusses the issue of human cloning and identifies the future challenges and opportunities for ethical leadership in health care and human services organizations. The solution is approximately 250 words.