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    Opinion regarding reproductive cloning

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    Opinion about reproductive cloning.

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    Reproductive cloning is a technique which involves producing a duplicate of an existing animal. This technique has already been used to clone the sheep "Dolly" and other mammals. Here,the genetic material (DNA) from an ovum is removed and replaced with the DNA from a cell removed from an adult animal. Then, the fertilized ovum, which is known as a pre-embryo, is implanted in a womb and allowed to develop into a new animal. Reproductive cloning is meant to produce an exact twin of an existing person or an animal. It is a deadly issue for sure. The whole process involves lot of risks, which render reproductive cloning highly unethical. It has lot of disadvantages that have been discussed below. It has the potential of producing severe genetic defects such as fetal overgrowth/large-offspring syndrome. This defect is found to a great extent in cases of cloning of animals. It is a process where in the fetus grows to become unusually large and generally dies just before or after birth. Such animals has under-developed lungs and are prone easily to infections due to reduced immunity. It has been argued that it may not turn out to be true in case of human reproductive cloning as there exists two copies of a gene to regulate fetal growth, while all other animals have only one. The argument does not guarantee positive results as there might be various factors which contributes to abnormal development of reproductive clones. ...

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    The solution discusses the disadvantages and advantages of reproductive cloning in detail. It ends with a conclusion that reproductive cloning should be banned as it is a technique which works against the rules of nature.