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Sample Political Campaign for Two Different Parties

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Original student question:

Create a political campaign ad for two political parties: one party that supports traditional moral and political philosophies and another party that supports modern moral and political philosophies. For each campaign ad, provide a party name, a campaign slogan, and a written explanation of the party's platform concerning a moral controversy of your choice.

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Template or example of an outline for a political campaign for two different political parties. One of the parties is a modern conservative party, the other is a modern liberal party. Interesting compare and contrast of the modern right and left.

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Party supporting 'traditional' moral and political philosophies:

Party Name: Christian Loyalists
Campaign Slogan: Strength through values and integrity.
Party platform concerning stem cell and cloning research: "The Christian Loyalists believe that experimentation based on the stem cells harvested from human embryos to be completely unethical and a transgression of natural law as recognized by the Judeo-Christian tradition as well as the ...

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