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    Please read in full The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing (Ries and Trout).

    Choose four of these rules for discussion and analysis. Please draft a memorandum outlining which of their 22 rules have, in your opinion, the most relevance to politics, except #22 and #17.

    Show how these rules are applicable to political campaigns, issue campaigns, as well as officials in public office. Explain why you selected these "laws" over other possible choices. Use references to any elections (past, future, domestic/international) and or political candidates (dead or alive) to support your point.

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    //Prior to talking about the chosen rules from the 22 Immutable laws of Marketing, we will first of all talk in brief about the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. So, we will write about the 22 rules under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    To: ABC
    From: XYZ
    Subject: Immutable laws of Marketing
    Date: 30/01/20xx

    The 22 Immutable laws of marketing lay out the authoritative rules that not only regularize the marketing world, but also aid in existing in the cut throat competition. With the assistance of these laws, one can easily key out the reason behind flourishing and fail of a company. All the given laws of marketing reveal different and different thoughts and also have different implications, for instance; law of mind articulates that prior to applying any decision in the market in practical form, it is better to firstly analyze its effectiveness and authenticity in mind. As well as, these laws also helps in carrying out the work of marketing strategies in an effective way through retain with some ideal force in the market (Trout, 2004).

    The 22 Immutable laws of marketing have a great implication in political activities. With these laws, one can easily focus its ides, attitudes and concerns with campaign that are related with political concepts and political prospects as well as public issues. The different activities associated with political matters such as campaigning of elections, voting, official processing, etc. are required to accomplish under the guidelines of these laws. The political parties have to be restricted for any kind of harm to other parties or party people by enforcement of these laws. With this discussion, it is reflected that all the leading political parties in the highly progressive or prominent world are opting to do their activities according to the practice of immutable law of marketing and its concept.

    The following are the chosen rules from the given list of Ries and Trout's. The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing that have direct relevance with politics are Law of perception, Law of leadership, Law of focus and Law of duality (Trout, 2004). All these chosen rules greatly help in taking advantage of economies and acceptance of trade. As well as, these rules aid in focusing the most outstanding political parties. Through giving more focus on chosen immutable laws of marketing, political parties can make an effective political campaign that helps in winning the people's trust and unendingly impress their vote. On the whole, these laws/rules have significance in ruling or controlling the activities of marketing that would ultimately lead to dealing out with the public issues.

    //As per the directions, we will discuss or analyze the four chosen rules. In this part, we will mainly talk about rules that are most relevance to politics. I am providing you a detailed summary to raise your knowledge, but you can add more in this part that you find suitable.//

    Immutable Laws of Marketing:
    All the given stated laws have a great relevance with politics as it helps in working out the controversial social issues ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2069 words with references.