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    Why Format a Word Document?

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    What might be some challenges in formatting a document? What are the added values in formatting a documenting? What new feature (s) enhanced your ability to better format your documents.

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    For me the challenges that a person may face when formatting a document is a result of a lack of know-how on the usage of the different formatting tools in any word processing computer program. Some questions that have to be answered before formatting a document include:
    1. Should the entire paragraph be justified, left or right flush?
    2. What spacing - between lines and paragraph - convention should be used?
    3. Should the first line of each paragraph be indented? Or should the first paragraph of each section be indented while the rest are left-flushed?
    4. Should ...

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    Challenges and benefits of formatting a Microsoft Word document is determined.The value in formatting a document are provided. The new features to enhance your ability to better format the documents are provided. The solution is almost 400 words.