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Microsoft Office 2003.

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Microsoft Office 2003. Please go to the website below and select two training courses total (on either Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Outlook) and provide a review of each.


Be sure to select training for two different applications (ie: select one Word and one Powerpoint, or one PowerPoint and one Excel. Do not select two from Word, or two from Excel, etc).

Your document should be at least two pages in length and answer the following questions:
1. Which two training sessions did you select and why?
2. What were the highlights of the first training session?
3. What were the highlights of the second training session?
4. Describe three benefits from each training session (six total) that you will use in your personal or professional life.
5. What would you add to either training session in terms of improvement, if anything?
Format Requirements

1. Except where indicated below, write your paper in a 12-point font of your choice, with double line spacing, and left and right margins set at 1.25".
2. The paper should include at least two screenshots to support your answers when appropriate.
3. Include your name and the current date on all pages.
4. Format your name in Arial font size 24, bold text.
5. Include a page number on all pages.
6. Insert a Manual Page Break at the end of page one, and elsewhere in the document as needed to keep related content together.
7. For question 3, change the page margins to 2" on both the left and right sides of the page (do this in page setup). Use the Tahoma 10 point font in Bold Italic. Use single line spacing.

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