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    Web Access to e-mail Messages

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    As a network systems administrator, you are responsible for server software. Describe the protocols and server software for a Microsoft server environment that permits web access to e-mail messages.

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    Dear Student,
    Web Access to e-mail message.
    Typical example can be provided using the Microsoft Infrastructure. For e-mails, Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) needs to be installed. MS Exchange server can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows Server (MWS).
    The Exchange Server needs to be integrated with Internet Information Services (IIS), following are included,
    1. Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)
    2. Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)
    3. World Wide Web Service (WWW)

    MWS has all these ...

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    Typical example can be provided using the Microsoft Infrastructure. The solution provides an overview of the Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Windows Server. How they be integrated to provide web-based emails for users.