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    Please help me with the following question:

    Information technology influences the behavior of organizations. Name one effect of IT implementation and long-term usage you assume having a positive contribution and one having a negative consequence.

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    Information technology has become an integral part of businesses today. With the continued development of communications and technology, information technology has become more accessible to all people. Businesses and organizations, whether small scale, medium scale or large scale, harness the power and capability of information technology for more reliable processes, faster transactions, affordable means of communication, and better access to information all over the world. One of the effects of IT implementation that made a big positive impact is the faster and cheaper way of sending messages and information. Without the current IT implementation before, people depend on letters or snail mail, or personal messengers to distribute information and messages to others. This is inconvenient because the time to send the messages greatly depends on the distance from the sender to the receiver's ...

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