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Three Key Resources in Management Information Systems

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The three key resources in management information systems (MIS) are information, information technology, and people. Which of these resources is the most important? Why? The least important? Why?

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Information technology has three components: data, people, and equipment. Each element is important in the overall world of information management, but these can be ranked according to importance. These three resources are dependent on one another for systems to function, but ultimately, it is the people that are the major resource that can affect information technology the greatest.

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Management Information Systems (MIS) consist of 3 principle resources: information, information technology and people. Of these resources, people are the most important. People bring factors that can positively or negatively affect the outcome of MIS. The abilities, temperament, personality factors, education, training and work ethic of both the developers of MIS and the users of MIS will contribute to the effectiveness ...

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