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    Abstracts of Articles

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    One of the ways in which you become literate with MIS and IT terminology is by reading, reading, and more reading of current articles. After you have found five sound, interesting articles you will abstract them. This requires discretion, a sound understanding of the article and course concepts and, good wordsmithing skills.

    An abstract summarizes in 100 words or less the thesis and any evidence presented in the article. An abstract is not your opinion of the article, the author or the writing style. Do not choose an article that is a public relations or promotional piece.

    Demonstrate your ability to be a sound consumer of information by choosing well and discussing five articles from your choice of a relevant IT or Business online periodicals. (Try Google.com, ZD.net or Findarticles.com if you don't have any preferred sites of your own.)

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    Abstracts of Articles

    This article deems management information system to be indispensable device in decision making. Integrated information is required for the development of solutions to integrated problems. To improve the availability and accessibility of the information, clearing houses forms a 'portal' on the internet for specialized information. Systematic compliance links to a variety of related websites is obtained through clearing houses. Successful environmental information systems are ECMWF, ODIN-IOC and EU Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism. For environmental data, management information system should be established. Innovative software is used to develop intelligent information portals to provide intelligent answers.
    Paul Geeders (December30, 2004). Management Information Systems Modelling Other Regions. Retrieved on October1, 2007 from: http://knowledge.cta.int/en/content/view/full/1002

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