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    Discussing Article Abstracts

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    Reference: Fairley, S. (2009). The role of the mode of transport in the identity maintenance of sport fan travel groups. Journal of Sport and Tourism. 14(2-3): 205-222.

    Hi, I would like some assistance with the following task. I am having trouble understanding how to write a proper abstract.

    Task: Write an abstract for this referenced article.

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    An abstract is a summary of an article so that researchers can quickly determine the article's contents to decide if they desire to view the full-text. Therefore, the abstract communicates the main points of the article, what makes it different or unique. Usually, modern abstracts also include keywords that search engines might use to search for the article, and if the article contains charts or graphs of data, that is also noted.

    If you would like to view abstract examples to see how they are done, the easiest place is in the ERIC database of journal articles - each ERIC article is described via abstract. Reading a few of these will give you an idea of what they contain and look like. Also, if you search any Internet engine you prefer using, and input the search phrase "how to write an abstract" you will get numerous quality hits that will give you direction on how to go about performing this ...

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    The expert discusses article abstracts. The role of the mode of transport in the identity maintenance of sport fan travels are provided.