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    Jan 2010
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    • BFA, University of Georgia, 1984
    • BSEd, University of Georgia, 1985
    • MED, University of Georgia, 2004


    • Education
    • Art, Music, and Creative Writing
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    About Dianne Stephens

    Dianne F. Stephens is Georgia (USA) certified in English (AP Lit and Comp), Technology Education, and Visual Arts. She also holds a certification in TESOL, and has twenty-eight years' experience teaching pre-K to adults. She currently teaches in Georgia, and taught internationally for five years in three countries. She is 'all-but-dissertation' status completing her doctorate in Distance Education (Online Learning). Her interests include curriculum development, reading, animal husbandry, motorcycling, arts and crafts of all kinds, and gardening.

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    A timeline template is devised.

    The next project is to create a timeline using the provided timeline template for Microsoft Word.

    Create a timeline of the major designs and developments in the field of art and design. Your timeline should focus on the years 1500-1950 CE and include at least three different genres in art and des READ MORE »

    Art, Music, and Creative Writing / Art History » 378894

    Management Theories

    Details: Your manager believes in learning from other companies' success stories as well as stories of failure. In particular, she likes to apply various management theories when possible, rather than starting from the beginning every time a decision has to be made. She asks you to write a memo to h READ MORE »

    English Language and Literature / Language » 338706

    Which key aspect of research is the most important one?

    Discuss what are the three key aspects of research? Which one of them you consider the most important, or are they equally important?

    Approx 350 to 400 words.

    Computer Science / Data / Coding and Information Theory » 449036

    Romanticism as a Movement in Art

    In the twentieth century, there were several art movements and ideologies. For this assignment, research romanticism or postmodernism. Describe the major characteristics of the movement highlighting these aspects:

    - artists popular in the movement
    - works of art
    - cultural, political, and/or READ MORE »

    Art, Music, and Creative Writing / Art History » 382193

    Art and advertising are correlated.

    As an intern, you have been asked to write an analysis of advertising and art. Research the terms and give a brief definition of each. Be sure your post addresses these questions:

    â?¢How is advertising a departure from the earlier history of art?
    â?¢Can advertising be art? Why or why not?

    Art, Music, and Creative Writing / Art History » 382641
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