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Technology and Art timeline

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The next project is to create a timeline using the provided timeline template for Microsoft Word.

Create a timeline of the major designs and developments in the field of art and design. Your timeline should focus on the years 1500-1950 CE and include at least three different genres in art and design. It should also include a brief description of what inventions allowed these designs to happen and what historical events influenced the development of these works. You can include pictures, descriptions, and artists. Use proper MLA citations for all works cited.

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Look at this Web site, which is a portal site listing dozens of great timelines. Look especially at timeline numbers 28 and 29, which I think are the type you are looking for. Also, below that is another listing of science and technology timelines that might also prove useful. These resources should provide what you need to complete the work. Think about the inventions, and how those inventions allowed changes in the artworks (technological improvements in the architecture and the influence on the subject matter of the sculpture and the painting, especially). URL: http://www.internet4classrooms.com/timelines.htm.

Also, at the bottom of this Web page is the opportunity to create your own timeline, but I do not think they are using the template your instructor provided and specified for you to use.

Create a timeline of the major designs and developments in the field of art and design. Major developments include any ...

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Instructions, suggestions, tips and hints for creating a timeline in accordance with this project requirements. A BEGINNING example timeline, with SOME of the notable events in technology that affect the arts, architecture and the tools to create them, from 1500 to 1950.

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