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The 1930's

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I have to create a newspaper for the decade - 30's. I need to include the following requirements in my newspaper: (I have already downloaded the template and plan to do the work by myself but I need ideas for the following topics so I can research them)

4 major political issues

3 famous pictures (ex: Uncle Sam poster, peace sign, etc...I do not need for you to copy and paste the pictures but if there are any famous ones you know about that I can research

3 musical icons

5 major events that changed America

2 transportation issues

3 famous people

2 articles about fashion...just need a few ideas on what was in fashion in the 30's

2 articles on entertainment...just need a few ideas on what kind of entertainment was popular in the 30's

2 ideas on science & technology

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a. Race in the south because of the increased presence of black Americans in the northern states.
b. Economic issues revolving around awful working conditions. The Great Depression was during the 1930's and there were no jobs, no food and no homes for people combined with awful working conditions for those who did have jobs.
c. There was a threat of Communism moving to the United States because of the dictatorship of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin in Europe.
d. The age of FDR and his policies to get America out of the Great Depression after the presidency of Herbert Hoover.

a. Here is a website of famous photos from the 1930's - ...

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Important events that surrounded the 1930's including: major political issues, art, musical icons, major events that changed America, transportation issues, famous people who shaped society, fashion and literature, entertainment and science and technology.

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What was the experience of Jews in Germany in the late 1930s, and what was the response of the United States? Why?

What was the experience of Jews in Germany in the late 1930s, and what was the response of the United States? Why?

The Jews had significant amounts of freedom in the decades leading up to the 1930's. Intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews was fairly common, Jews enjoyed high positions in the German government, higher education, science and medicine. During World War I, Jews represented the largest ethnic group who fought for Germany with over 12,000 of them giving their lives for the Fatherland. It is ironic that it was a Jewish officer that awarded Adolph Hitler, then a young corporal, with the Iron Cross.

This was all to change with the rise of the Nazi power and their takeover of the German government. By 1933 the Nazi government had officially adopted an anti-Jew policy. Though many anti-Semitic policies had been adopted by business or private organizations, 1933 marked the first time that anti-Semitic policies were enforced by the German government. In April of 1933 Jewish shops, doctors, lawyers and stores were boycotted. The government also forbade all Jews from serving in any government positions. In August 1933 the German government signed an agreement allowing over 60,000 Jews to return to Palestine by 1939.

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