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Great Depression

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Evaluate President Herbert Hoover's policies to curb the Great Depression.

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1. Evaluate President Herbert Hoover's policies to curb the Great Depression.

Herbert Hoover is a former engineer and millionaire who became the thirty-first U.S. president in 1928. Although Hoover had a reputation as a humanitarian for his relief efforts in World War I, he proved completely unprepared for the task of guiding the nation out of the Great Depression. After the stock market crash of 1929, Hoover encouraged Americans not to panic and promised there would be no recession. According to some historians, he refused to act on a federal level, taking the laissez-faire stance that it was not the government's job to interfere with the economy, even after millions of Americans lost their jobs and homes. Many historians believe that Hoover might have been able to curb the severity of the Great Depression had he chosen to act. (1)

However, economists are still divided about what caused the Great Depression, and what turned a relatively mild downturn into a decade long nightmare. Hoover ...

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Evaluates President Herbert Hoover's policies to curb the Great Depression. References are provided.

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