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The New Deal and Ending the Great Depression

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The impact of the New Deal's success or failure in ending the Great Depression.

To what extent was the New Deal successful in solving the economic crisis of the Great Depression?

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As you may already know, the Great Depression is said to have begun with the Stock Market Crash on October 24th, 1929 when about 13 million shares of stock were sold. The damage was extended on Tuesday, October 29 when more than 16 million shares were sold making the day forever known as Black Tuesday.

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As a result of this crash, a depression set in, millions of people were affected. By 1932 nearly 15 million people were unemployed, about 1/4 of the American Workforce, and this was at a time when unemployment insurance did not exist. For more statistics on the effects of the Depression in many Americans, you can ...

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The impact of the New Deal's success or failure in ending the Great Depression is determined. To what extent the New Deal is successful in economic crisis of the Great Depression is provided.