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    The New Deal Assistance

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    Discuss the most significant long-term effects of the New Deal.

    Trying to get al least 300 words please.

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    Roosevelt's 'New Deal'

    The crash of the American Stock Market in 1929 - the very same one the fuelled the growth during the Roaring 20's brought the American economy to a standstill, plunging the country into an economic crisis known as 'the Great Depression'. The American economy took more than a decade to recover as the recession sent shockwaves all over the world, creating major global downturn. But while the causes of the Great Depression were manifold (i.e. stock market speculation, unpaid massive loans into the American coffers lent to European countries made worse by the collapse of the European banks, rise of land prices, unregulated and unplanned rush of withdrawal from small banks, etc.), the impact to Americans across the US can be presented in these categories - suffering, massive unemployment, poverty, hunger, desperation and corruption. ...

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