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Japan's Democratic System

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Today, Japan supports a successful democracy. The first of its kind in East Asia. It has seen rapid economic growth into the 1980s before stalling in the 1990s. However, Japan is ethnically homogeneous and highly nationalistic. 1) discuss why Japan was able to build a successful democracy, 2) identify key differences between Japanese democracy and British & US democracy and 3) discuss whether you believe Japan's economic success led to increased democracy or whether an increase in democratic capacity led to increased economic performance.

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One of the key reasons that Japan was able to build a successful democracy, is because this nation had a great deal of assistance from the United States and other Western nations during the occupation of Japan shortly after World War II. At the onset, Japan was forced to change its governmental model from an authoritarian structure based on Shintoism and the belief that the national leader dissented from the Sun God, to a US influenced democratic model. Japan was similarly forced into a ...