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Curriculum History in Japan

Research about Japan's Curriculum History is noted.

1. In column one, show a timeline with 4 significant events in Japan's curriculum history.
2. In column two, for each of the curriculum events, state (in a sentence or two) any significant socio-cultural influences that might relate to the curriculum event.
3. In column three, describe a historical event that had an influence on each curriculum event.

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As you research Japan's Curriculum History and create your three-column table, please feel free to integrate these ideas into your table:

1. Columns one & two timelines with four significant events in Japan's curriculum history:

Although the history is quite vast, I have listed a few events for you to narrow to four:

1. 701: The Taiho Code created schools for the children of the nobility; these schools were located in both the capital and provinces (

2. 1185-1333: The Jamakura period influenced an increasing number of samurai children to receive formal education (

3. 1930s: Education embodied strong military and nationalistic influences (

4. 1946: Implemented the six-three-three grade structure (six years of elementary school, three of lower- secondary school, and ...