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Japan Versus China

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In a short paper, answer the questions below:

- What are the primary issues that separate China and Japan?
- How has the Chinese government worked to facilitate the separation of China and Japan?
- How does the saying "the winners get to write history" apply to this
- How might these issues hinder business between Japanese and Chinese firms?
- How could Chinese and Japanese firms work to overcome these issues?

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What are the primary issues that separate China and Japan?

The primary issues that separate China and Japan are important. First, Japan called World War 2 an "incident," which made the Chinese goes to the streets due to how upset they were from that remark. This is all over a textbook used in the classroom. Second, this continued by means of the economy, oil, a seat with the United Nations, and the history of what truly happened then too. Third, Japan made the possibility of war more prominent by allowing Article 9 to get used when it is necessary. Since then, North Korea has become a threat to Japan. Also, China is wanting the disputed islands that Japan has claim to as well.

How has the Chinese government worked to facilitate the separation of China and Japan?

The biggest issue between China and Japan is that of the economy because they both are arch rivals when it comes to trading with the United States and ...

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This solution discussed the issues with China and Japan, and how to overcome them in the present.

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