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Sales strategy identifying three countries

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As the VP of International Sales, you are responsible not only for sales but also for sales strategy. Prepare a preliminary report to the CEO identifying which three countries you think would most likely be interested in PM Company's mobility product and state why you think these would be good target countries. Describe the opportunities and risks in each of the target countries. Then discuss the cultural (including religion, ethical business behavior, social responsibility, language, etc.), political, economic, legal and technology issues you, as Vice-President of International Sales will face when selling into these countries. In addition, explain any other differences between selling the mobility product in the United States and selling it in your three targeted countries.

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Expansion of Mobility Products Business in India, China & Japan


In this preliminary report, I as the Vice President International Sales of PM Company will be discussing about the expansion of company's business in three other countries such as Japan, China & India. Along with this, the opportunities and risks associated with the expansion of our business in the above mentioned countries will be discussed. Afterwards, I would be discussing about the cultural, economic, legal and technological environment of these countries.

PM Company is involved in producing mobility products such as wheelchairs (electronic & manual), walkers, lifts, ramps, etc. These mobility products are helpful in providing some mobility to the persons who are not able to ambulate completely on their own. Our company will be aiming at expanding our business in these three countries such as Japan, China and India. Nowadays, many companies are becoming global and exploring new opportunities for their business.

There are several factors that attract a company to go international. As PM Company is doing well in the business of mobility products in the United States of America, we should expand our business in some other countries also and it will be helpful for our company to get a global image and other benefits. The other benefits of internationalization are profit advantage and growth opportunities. Along with these benefits and opportunities, there is an existence of some problems also such as domestic market constraints, competition, government policies & regulations, etc.

I have selected three countries in which I want to expand our business of mobility products. These countries are Japan, China and India and I am going to describe the cultural, economic, political, legal and technological environment of these countries. The environmental analysis of these countries will be assisting to explore new opportunities and establish our business successfully in these locations. The environmental analysis of these countries is as follows:


India is one of the countries which I have selected for business expansion of our mobility products. India is a big country of Asia and it is having a population of more than one billion. Initially, India was considered as a low income country with slow economic growth and most of the population was involved in agricultural activities. But as the time passes, India is becoming able to stand at a secure position in the world. Today, India is a developing country and it is growing at a high pace. Indian economy is having a constant growth 8-10 percent per year (India, 2008). The modernization and advancements in India market and economy can be very assistive for the growth of our ...

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