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    Research: Procter and Gamble

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    Procter and Gamble (http://www.pg.com/en_US/index.shtml).

    Strategic Audit (See examples starting on page 78 and appendix 11.C):

    1. Analysis of Strategic Factors. Since you are aware that your analysis of strategic factors or SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary) is based on IFAS and EFAS tables, and since we will need to understand your choices, you are required to submit the three tables in Excel format in one separate file from your written Word assignment. No comments are needed on the IFAS and the EFAS tables, but comments are needed on the SFAS table, which is the foundation for this assignment (You will submit one Excel file that will include three separate sheets, one for the IFAS, one for the EFAS and one for the SFAS). As a reminder, two files are to be submitted: One Excel file (counting for three pages) and one Word file (five to seven pages double-spaced). You will be graded on your knowledge of the software and math in building the MS Excel tables, and on your ability to communicate in writing and present your arguments.

    2. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy Here you will be graded on your ability to analyze economic, socio-cultural, political-legal, technological, and financial data to justify your available strategies and the one(s) you recommend.

    3. Implementation: Describe the implementation of the strategy(ies) you recommended.

    4. Evaluation and Control How do you evaluate the performance of your implemented strategy(ies)?

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    //Initially, this question requires a thorough knowledge about Procter & Gamble Company because it is a research paper which demands internal & external factor analysis of the firm. In addition to this, you should recommend some strategic alternative and strategy for the development of this company. I am going to provide a detailed overview about Procter & Gamble. //

    Analysis of Strategic Factors


    In this research, a comprehensive strategic analysis is made for the company Proctor & Gamble. This strategic factor analysis is prepared with the help of SWOT analysis for company operations all over the world. This research evaluates the different principles & values adopted by the company to achieve the set targets. This paper presents an idea of strategic factor analysis that can be followed by P&G to establish itself as a market leader. In this paper, three investigations, I.e. The SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Strategy), IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Strategy) and EFAS (External Factor Analysis Strategy) are taken. All of these studies and investigations are based upon the estimation of the internal & external environments of the company. In addition to these studies, this paper discovers some strategic alternatives that can be presented to company for the assured growth opportunities. In the end, it presents the different alternatives to the company for implementation, evaluation and controlling of the selected strategy.

    // In the introduction, one can provide some general information about the company which is associated with its businesses, locations, market position, market share, revenue, popularity, etc. For example: //


    Procter & Gamble is an American global cooperation and is listed in the fortune 500 for its worldwide operations. It produces an all-embracing range of consumer goods. According to the data's of 2008, P&G is the 23rd major US Company by returns and 14th major company in terms of profit. It is on the 10th position in the list of Fortune's Most Admired Companies for 2007.

    Its operations are divided into different business segments like:

    ? Beauty Concern

    ? Beauty Section

    ? Grooming Section

    ? Home Care

    ? Toddler Care and Family Care Section

    ? Material Care

    ? Physical Condition & Health Care

    ? Refreshments, Coffee and Pet Concern

    ? Air Fresheners (Product Site Map, 2008).

    Total 23 brands of company have more than a billion dollars in their net annual sales and another 18 brands have sales between $500 million and $1 billion. Company's brands related to particular segments are present in various forms and scents. It operates in more than 80 countries across the globe. P&G manufactures its products all over the world and its major manufacturing facilities are based in the following geographic regions:

    ? United States

    ? Latin America

    ? Western and Eastern Europe

    ? China and various parts of Asia

    ? Africa

    //In the above part, we came to know about various businesses and locations in which it is operating. Procter & Gamble is dealing in various businesses. In the next part, I would like to throw light on the internal & external environment of the company. Internal factors include strengths & weaknesses and external factors include opportunities & threats of a company. ...

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