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    K-12 Curriculum History

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    Based on a K-12 curriculum area please address the following:
    1. Research and briefly summarize the curriculum history of a country other than the United States.
    2. What are the major movements in the curriculum history of the United States? -What institution(s) (home, church, school, business, or government) influenced these changes?
    3. How have the roles and responsibilities of teachers and learners changed over time?

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    1. The nationwide curriculum in Australia didn't come into fruition until the late 1980's but had been attempted to be implemented for several decades. A final push for implementing the curriculum was made by the Hawke Federal Labor Government but the draft documentation didn't achieve agreement and the initiative was abandoned in 1991. The effort to create a curriculum for Australia across the nation was finally realized in 2009 with the statutory Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority established to oversee the ...

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    This solution discusses the K-12 curriculum history in Australia and briefly compares it to the United States as well as the changing roles of teachers and learners over time. All references used are included.