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    Design an instructional interdisciplinary unit to teach elementary social studies

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    I need to design an instructional interdisciplinary unit to teach elementary social studies. It must include one week's worth of lesson plans. Introduction to the 'Theme This section' must describe:

    a. The target population; the characteristics of the learners for whom the activity is planned
    b. The prerequisites (If necessary), the specific objectives of the activity, and the content and language standards to which they relate; if you are not a classroom teacher, specify the output expected from this activity
    c. The resources, materials, and other element that will be used to create a learning environment that addresses the needs of the population
    d. The procedure; discuss each activity, if you have more than one, in detail
    e. Differentiated instructional activities
    f. Evaluations
    g. Extended activities (Homework)

    This is for New York State

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    New York State 4th grade Social Studies Curriculum & Objectives:

    According to The Amistad Dual Language Academy (2012) the 4th grade Social Studies curriculum is based on the Social Studies Standards set by the state of New York. The curriculum provides students the opportunity to learn about the Dutch and English colonies as well as the Native Iroquois and Algonquin Indian tribes. Building upon students understanding of schools, communities, and families, it should lay a foundation for Social History that students will study in 7th and 8th grades. The Social Studies curriculum explores the following themes:

    - September: Start lessons on establishing community
    - October: Introduce Native American Indians of New York, continue building and teaching this unit until December
    - January: Introduce the Dutch and English encounters, continue until February
    - The colonial period is taught from March - April
    - May: Start lessons on the Revolutionary period
    - End the school year teaching about New York State

    Characteristics of 4th grade learners:

    Physical development of fourth graders includes improved coordination, poor posture, high energy, inconsistent sleep patterns, and appetites. Socially, they enjoy being part of a group, are learning to take responsibility for their actions, have an increased interest in sports, have a need to be in control of choices and tend to be moody at times. Intellectually the fourth grade student can ...

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