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Interdisciplinary & Multi-disciplinary in Curriculum Design

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What is the difference between interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary in curriculum design?

What is an unfocused design and why is it important to understand its concept?

How can you as a teacher introduce an interdisciplinary design into your curriculum?

Why do so many people think all American Indian people are the same?

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The differences between interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary in curriculum design. The importance to the concepts are determined. The solution is 562 words with 4 references.

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What is the difference between interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary in curriculum design?

In an interdisciplinary curriculum design, interdisciplinary or process skills such as research, numeracy or literacy are the foundations in organizing and designing of curriculum for two or more subject areas. Based on these skills, connections are made and content is provided through teaching concepts that cut across subject areas. An example of this is teaching grammar, e.g., present tense of verbs. In English, the classes go on as usual, with a motivation and some activities on present tense of verbs. In other subject such as Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, the students can practice using present tense of verbs in the discussion and activities regarding the lessons.
Multidisciplinary curriculum is used when two or more subjects are ...

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