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Nation at Risk and Goals 2000

By looking at Nation at Risk and Goals 2000, this posting suggests what does each document say about ideology, change, stability, etc.

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As you compose your answers, please use these ideas as a springboard for your own responses:

1. Ideology (What is of most value to learn?) - In your own words, what does each document SAY about ideology?

The documents imply that students must learn from a standards based, interdisciplinary approach. Both documents do not just focus on academic and cognitive skills. Instead, they reiterate that students must learn moral and social skills, too. The documents seem to imply a character education approach to the curriculum, making all content relate to the real world and students' lives. The texts also focus on a need for all students to be literate since both documents expose racial gaps. Thus, there is a need for changes in making education more equitable.

Both documents also reinforce a literacy-based approach. They also seem to emphasize the importance of teaching the basics in terms of 'English, history, geography, economics, and foreign languages.'

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