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Gang Intervention Program with YMCA

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Please help developing a response on the YMCA mission, goals, and success of the program for gang intervention.

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As the American economy continues to spiral out of control and drive the unemployment rate up, we've seen an increase in gang activity that continues to harness this in communities abroad. In saying this, gangs are expanding their enterprises to rural communities to stay out of the light of gang enforcement agencies in major cities. The primary target of gang leaders has primarily been youth in lower income communities. Below we'll discuss the YMCA mission, goals, and success of the program for gang intervention across the nation.
Prevention of the impact gangs have on our communities early is the primary goal of many community leaders. Historically gangs have targeted America's youth because it's commonly believed that many adolescent are immature and easily influenced by this way of life. Programs such as Stay Away from School Grounds Provisions and L.A. SAVES are aimed at targeting gang members before they reach our school grounds. Meaning, law enforcement will ...

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The solution examines gang intervention for the YMCA. The mission, goals and success of the program are determined.