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Interventions for Gang Members

Using the Skinner view on personality development, describe the type of environment and reinforcement interventions that have evidence on changing an individual who is a gang member to a respectable law abiding person.

Evidence-based programs and interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivation Enhancement Therapy, community-based programs, and various websites with intervention ideas are explored.

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The assignment calls for evidence-based programs and intervention to transform gang members into law-abiding citizens, as well as using Skinner's view on types of environment and reinforcement interventions.

First, evidence-based programs are defined as "treatments or interventions for which systematic scientific research has provided evidence of statistically significant effectiveness for particular populations," which in this case the population would be gang members (dshs).

There seems to be a lot of information online regarding gang member interventions and there seems to be programs in almost every state. One such program is an evidence-based program in Phoenix, but has ...

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Possible interventions to help change a gang member into a respectable law abiding citizen.