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Boys and Girls Club of America & Big Brother Big Sister programs

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Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club of America, and the Big Brother Big Sister program. Which program you believe would be best for your community?

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Many youth outreach and prevention programs can positively impact juvenile delinquency. Programs such as YMCA, Boy and Girls Club of America, and Big Brother Big Sister have overlapping strengths as well as specialized features that set them apart. Since the programs are not identical, every program will not be a perfect match for influencing juvenile delinquency in your area. However, it is not the programs' strengths that will cause me to choose one over the other, it is the financial problems faced by two of the organizations that threatens their future success in juvenile delinquency prevention.

The main strength of the YMCA is that is engages youth in positive activities that provide them with an opportunity to avoid trouble. The YMCA offers after-school education and recreation so that youth are supervised while improving themselves instead of participating in gangs or engaging in destructive behaviors to overcome boredom. See http://www.ymca.net/youth-development/. Typically, "[a]fter-school hours [are] a peak time for ...

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The Boys and Girls Club of America and the Big Brother Big Sister Programs are determined.

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