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Socialization of Children and Cohabitation

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1-Identify and discuss the specific ways parents socialize children along gender lines. Incorporate as much relevant information from the text as possible into your response but be sure to use your own words.

2-Your college roommate/friend is seriously thinking about cohabiting and has come to you for advice. What major issues would you discuss with him/her? Be sure to include the advantages and disadvantages of cohabitation discussed in the text. Use your own words.

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Socialization of children and cohabitation are examined.

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1- Identify and discuss the specific ways parents socialize children along gender lines.

If a parent has girls, for example, he or she could possibly socialize them by enrolling them in ballet (or other dance classes) and/or cheerleading classes. Both of these are usually female-oriented activities in which a group of girls bond and become one team learning new routines or dances. Although dance and cheerleading is not gender specific (meaning that it is open for boys to enroll into) it is usually very rare that a boy would join one of the organizations. As well, ...

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