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    Please answer the questions with resources: Do couples who cohabit before marriage last longer?

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    Cohabitation before Marriage

    If we take the sociological perspective of functionalism and view the idea of cohabiting before marriage, we can say that it allows for the possibility of 'testing and perfecting' a particular partnership. Sociologically speaking, when couples cohabit, they test the grounds and learn to take on varied roles necessary to make a union work. They see each other beyond the dating personas they know but as individuals that have to live with each other. If we see it this way, it does appear to be a good idea to cohabit first before plunging into the commitment of marriage. A report by Sharon Jayson of USA Today however proposed that (2010), "Couples who live together before marriage and those who don't both have about the same chances of a successful union, according to a federal report out Tuesday that turns earlier cohabitation research on its head. The report, by the ...

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