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    Criminology is an interdisciplinary field and sociology is one of many disciplines in the behavioural sciences that contribute to the study including psychology, psychiatry, social anthropology and law. Criminology is often associated with the study of the law enforcement and criminal justice system.¹

    Why do people commit crime and what can we do about it? Sociologists generally believe that these questions cannot be answered without first examining and understanding the broader social contexts. Crime prevention has proven to be futile without a thorough and general understanding of what societal factors predispose certain groups to crime.

    Criminology is explored through all three theoretical frameworks. Sociologists study violent crime, white-collar crime, youth crime and gang related crime through a combination of empirical data and social research. Further, sociologists are interested in what crimes really concern society and why that is. Also, why are we are so willing to see some people punished, and hesitant to see others face consequences?




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    Domestic Violence

    Solutions: 5

    Sociologists attempt to explain and prevent domestic violence by identifying risk factors and particularly vulnerable social groups.

    Fear of Crime

    Solutions: 5

    Fear of crime refers to the fear of being a victim. This is an active, multidisciplinary field of study contributed to by policy makers, practitioners and academics.

    Juvenile Delinquency

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    Different theoretical frameworks all contribute to identifying factors that predispose young people to crime.

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    Opiod Treatment Program Evaluation (SAMHSA)

    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task of putting together an evaluation of an Opiod Treatment Program, using SAMHSA's Medication Treatment Program as an example. It takes the assumption that students using the solution require assistance in putting together an outline for the evaluation as

    Policy for effecting positive change

    Consider policies that were created to reduce crime. Then think about for which type of offender these policies might be most effective. Next, consider how these policies might effect positive social change. Reference: Gottfredson, M. R., & Hirschi, T. (1990). A general theory of crime. Palo Alto, CA: Stanford University Pres

    Social and Environmental Factors Crime

    Humans are inherently social creatures who are shaped by their experiences, their culture, and how they are socialized. Much of what humans do is guided by learning and mimicking other people. In many ways, this same concept holds true for criminal behavior. Some thieves learn the "skills of the trade" from other people or from

    Predicting Future Crime Behaviours

    Of all the known correlates to criminal behavior, perhaps the most consistent is the association between childhood antisocial behavior and later-life criminal involvement. A large body of empirical research has revealed that very aggressive children that show other signs of developmentally inappropriate behaviors might be at ris

    Labeling Theory

    Respond to the following in the context of the situation in California: San Francisco police cited several factors they say contribute to African Americans accounting for about half of all felony arrests in the city, where they are less than 8 percent of the population. In 2005, 1 out of 3 arrests of black people involved narco

    Differing Types of Political Crimes

    Identify and define three different types of political crimes. Provide specific examples for each of the selected three types of political crimes. Evaluate the impact that each of these political crimes have on a society. Need Three sources please

    Victimization, Victimology, Criminological, Theory, and Deviance

    Define the terms victimization and victimology. Compare and contrast both by discussing how they contribute to the study of criminology. Select one criminological theory that focuses upon victims of crime and explain the concepts of that theory that contributes to the field of criminology and an understanding of deviance.

    The Criminal Justice Paradigm

    Though interrelated in many ways, the concepts of (1) crime, (2) criminal law, and (3) criminology each have their own unique purpose when examined from a criminal justice theoretical perspective. Define and explain the role of each of these three concepts as they relate to the study of criminal justice. Evaluate the interaction

    Social Processing Based on Criminology

    Please help getting an idea started. Search the internet for a topic related to Social Process theories based on an intro to criminology and prepare ideas for a report, excluding references. Use at least two sources that are not more than 10 years old. (Please, no collaborative sites!) Only the references need to be in APA.

    Criminal Justice and the Media Literature Review

    Two comprehensive literature reviews of criminal justice and the media. Can you help me find peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles, and books that focus on the intersection between social psychology? In addition I need to critique the article.

    Ignoring unethical and/or illegal activities

    Discuss how regular employees of certain large corporations (such as Enron or Goldman Sachs, etc.) could ignore or support highly unethical and/or illegal financial activities, devised by their company's leadership, resulting in a massive negative economic impact on a large portion of the population. Frame your discussion us

    Social Control Theory and Criminal Behavior

    Analyze the degree to which social control theory explains the prevention of criminal behavior. Describe whether or not social control theory is useful for understanding and explaining the nature of criminal behavior.

    Social Problems Within A Community

    Discuss what is meant by a social problem and provide examples of social problems that could exist in a community. Select one social problem and describe where you could begin to make a difference locally.

    Cultural deviance and criminal behavior

    Labels, such as ex-felons, are deepening the very behavior that they are meant to halt because of stereotypes that incite an individual trying to recover after a prison term. The labeling theory argues that the criminal justice system is limited in its capacity to restrain unlawful conduct but also is a major factor in anchoring

    Subcultures contributing to criminal activity

    I need help defining subculture. From a sociological and criminological perspective, how does subculture contribute to criminal activity? Provide examples in which subculture contributes to crime.

    Socialized Healthcare System

    Does a socialized health care system have benefits over a capitalistic health care system or vice versa? Which system do you think is most likely to help solve a social problem? Justify your answer. Please provide any references, thank you.

    Need some assistance with final paper

    I need some assistance with parts of my final Sociology paper on crime my class is crime and Society. These are the sections Biological and Psychological Explanations of Crime, Learning to Commit Crime, Community Reactions to crime. I also need scholarly souces with the help.

    Short answer questions

    1) Contrast Durkheim's concept of anomie with the development by Merton. 2) What contributions may be made by a feminist approach to the explanation of crime and gender? 3) Compare the contributions of traditional anomie theorists with the contemporary strain theories. 4) Compare and contrast the major subculture theori

    Deviance and crime: how did it influence the society

    I have to identify major forms of crime in the United States. Provide a concrete example of deviance and crime from a recent news article. Critically analyze the media coverage of the article. Discuss how the media covered the story, and address the following: * Did the media focus on the suspect? * Did the media f

    Sociological Perspective Paper

    Sociological Perspective Paper - Write a paper that explains what is meant by the sociological perspective. Describe how it helps us to understand the origins of crime and to identify possible ways of reducing crime.

    Law Enforcement Deviance

    Website: http://www.lscity.org/oig/rirprpt.pdf Identify two forms of police deviance cited in the Rampart Independent Review, found in the internet link above. Begin your search in the Table of Contents of this review found on page 39 of 258 of the PDF document. Search the internet for at least two additional sources that

    Gay Marriage

    Using the example of gay marriages, explain and discuss how social influences such as changes in the economy, religion, education, the government, and law affect individual families.