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    Deviance and Law Enforcement

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    Identify two forms of police deviance cited in the Rampart Independent Review, found in the internet link above. Begin your search in the Table of Contents of this review found on page 39 of 258 of the PDF document.

    Search the internet for at least two additional sources that cite instances similar to the forms of deviance you have identified.

    Answer the following questions:
    1. What reasons might be behind the deviance cited in the Rampart Review?
    2. Why was it allowed to flourish?
    3. What methods are recommended to correct these forms of deviance?

    Thank You.

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    Dear Student,
    This is my take on your posting, consider it your sample essay to base your project from. Consider the web references I indicated, they will expand your knowledge of the Rampart Scandal for discussion purposes.

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    Identified LAPD Flaws on the CRASH Program

    The Rampart area is located in central Los Angeles covering a total of 7.9 sq. miles; a densely populated and one of the busiest areas under the jurisdiction of the LAPD at 33,790 people per square mile, it is manned by over 400 sworn & civilian personnel assigned. In the mid-80's the Rampart area became that section of the city heavy with street gangs heavily involved in Narcotics with a crime rate so high that before it could spill over the LAPD responded by creating CRASH, the anti-gang unit with a specific section for Rampart. CRASH is acronym for "Community Resources against Street Hoodlums" and LAPD mandated & supported the unit to be aggressive in their pursuit of gangs. 1992 showed 1,171 gang-related crimes but CRASH's aggressive policing resulted to a decrease of more than 50% by 1999 at 464, one of the highest declines in LA policing history.
    To fight the deviant counter-culture & subculture of Rampart street gangs, assigned sworn & civilian CRASH members nurtured a subculture of their own, one geared at survival & fighting Rampart Gangs in their level. An independent review of the CRASH Rampart program identified this culture as "The War on Gangs Mentality" where a teleological set of ethics prevailed; the results mattered more than the actions behind achieving those results. To battle street gangs at their level procedures & laws were ignored; supervision of CRASH officers became increasingly difficult with the LAPD easily losing control over their actions. CRASH officers however justified that in order to fight street gangs in their turf they must 'toughen up' their act & be feared by the gangs more than anything for the crimes ...

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    This solution analyses the deviance displayed by a particular group of specialised law enforcement group in LA through the Rampart Independent review. It looks at the stuctures & institutional practices within L.A.'s particular police department that allowed for the deviance to flourish & offers solutions/methods to combat the deviant practices presented.